Resources, Referrals, Recommendations

Below is a list of my favorite services, resources, referrals and recommendations to support your well being.


Dr. Les Chui
Back & Body Wellness

Back & Body Wellness provides clinical massage therapy and chiropractic treatments that are muscle focused to relieve pain, restore flexibility and rejuvenate your body.

Dr. Tan Nguyen
Tritan Chiropractic

Sports Injury Specialist
Bio-Mechanic Neuro-Muscular

Essential Oils:

The natural healing qualities of essential oils can support your life, health and wellness in a variety of ways: immune, respiratory and digestive health, sleep and stress management, pre and post workout support, skin care, natural cleaning solutions in your home and much more.

Interested in learning more? Contact Nikki to schedule a complimentary intro to essential oils workshop where you can sample oils, learn how to use and apply them to support your well-being, yoga practice or other specific ailments you need support in. (No purchase necessary to schedule a session)

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CBD Products:

Combining CBD with your yoga practice can not only help you get in the right mindset but also help to reduce inflammation, relieve sore muscles, alleviate pain, give you a boost of energy, regulate your emotions, reduce anxiety and create an overall calming connection to your mind and body.

These are some of my favorite products: