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Class Styles

Class Styles

Live virtual yoga is a game changer!

In the past, doing yoga at home meant you did it alone, often with a random youtube video and no teacher to ask questions or a community to connect with or motivate you.

In our live zoom classes, a certified teacher is there guiding you and other yogis in real time.

Unlike a Facebook, Instagram or other social Live broadcasts, you can interact with the teacher.

They see you and you see them just like in a yoga studio, only virtual.

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means “flow.” You’ll move from one pose to the next seamlessly with breath. It’s a moderate workout to cultivate strength, focus, flexibility and balance with sun salutations, standing, seated, prone, supine, backbends, and inversions.

Power Flow

Get ready to sweat! Power flow is vinyasa on fire with more sun salutations, core work, inversions, arm balances and often challenging transitions. it’s a refreshing workout for your mind and body.

Hatha Flow

Move mindfully with breath, much like vinyasa with the intent to calm your  mind and body. Hatha style class allows more time to explore poses, alignment and long deep stretches. Great for students new to flow style yoga.


Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Show up, sit down and shut up to nurture your mental and emotional well-being. Meditation helps you create a certain vibration, a purposeful energy and a space to keep you grounded with inner strength, poise and peace.

Monthly Unlimited Membership, $35/month

Access to all classes on zoom and outdoor classes at the park

Unlimited video replays

Cancel anytime


“Nikki kept me from quitting yoga. Her integration of functional movements and range of motion work into the practice changed the way my body responded to it. I always had some kind of yoga related injury and now my back is the most flexible it's ever been. Aside from the physical stuff, she puts so much heart into each class.”
Nellie C.
"Nikki is seriously one of the best yoga instructors in the area. Her classes are challenging, especially for newbies, but if you are determined enough to stick with it, she will be your biggest supporter and you can absolutely transform your body, mind, and spirit in a short amount of time."
Sarah T
"I’m a big fan of Nikki and her classes. She’s my favorite teacher in the Bay Area. She leads amazing yoga classes that challenge even the most experienced yogi. She’s very hands on and while the flows are serious stuff, she has a great attitude and isn’t afraid to laugh making the practice further inviting. When ever I am in the area, I make sure to schedule some time to take her class."
Annie W.
“Very impressive. Nikki’s classes are always unique with lots of variety and different twists on vinyasa, but it’s also consistently challenging and my body feels complete. She really guides you to focus on what your body is doing and not just how the poses should look like.”
Amy H
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